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May 27 2013

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Introducing, pocket penguin! Everyone should have a pocket penguin.
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May 02 2013

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January 09 2013

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November 02 2012

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September 18 2012

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August 23 2012

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August 19 2012

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August 14 2012

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August 11 2012

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'Baby Got Back' turned 20 this year. My favorite nostalgia show is VH1's 'I Love The Inexorable March of Time Toward the Grave That Awaits Us All.'
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August 06 2012

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August 02 2012

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August 01 2012

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July 30 2012

Nie moje, ale tak zajebiste, że grzechem byłoby nie wstawić: 

Phil, this wasn’t fucking amateur hour. people   died because of your lack of supervision. there were raptors all up in   the kitchen phil. in the god damn kitchen.

you had one job phil. one job.
Phil, this wasn't fucking amateur hour. PEOPLE DIED BECAUSE OF YOUR LACK OF SUPERVISION, There were Raptors all up in the kitchen, Phil. IN THE GOD DAMN KITCHEN. 
You had one job, Phil. ONE FUCKING JOB.
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July 22 2012

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July 16 2012

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